What is iSearchNotes?
iSearchNotes allows college students to search for and share class notes with each other.

How does iSearchNotes help you?
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to search for notes for your college classes that were taken by other college students? More notes will not only help you study for exams, but they will help you understand the subject at hand because you will be able to read about the subject from other students' point of view.

As students, we miss class. We may not admit it, but we all do. I am sure you will agree on how annoying it is when you are not able to get the notes for that day, and of course you are held accountable for the material, yet you have no way to get it. Many students will try to bum the notes off of each other during class; sometimes you will get notes and other times you will just piss off your neighbors. Now iSearchNotes steps in, allowing you to search for the notes you missed on any given day, without disrupting your classmates or missing any key information.

I could sit here all day and tell you how great iSearchNotes is. But I encourage you to give it a try: convince 3 or 4 of your friends in each of your classes to take notes with iSearchNotes (you also should), and when it comes time to use the notes you will be amazed by how helpful their notes are.

Random Site Stats

By the end of the Fall 2008 semester, iSearchNotes had 56 class notes, 34 registered Users, and 1,589 searched terms.
By the end of the Fall 2009 semester, iSearchNotes had 166 class notes, 78 registered Users, and 3,419 searched terms.

Why did I create the site?
In my college years there have been a quite a few times when I have sat down to study and realize one of two things:

  • I missed that one really important day of class.
  • I know I took notes but I cannot seem to find them.
It really does not matter why I don't have the notes to study, because the end result is the same: the exam I was studying for was much harder than it should have been. So I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice if students could search everyone else's notes?" The idea sat in my head for a couple of months and I eventually broke ground on the site to get it working in time to use as a class project before releasing it "into the wild," initially was only for Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi students to use. I keep telling myself I'll have more time in a week or two to really expand the site, but given my class schedule, I'm still waiting on that break.

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